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ASU Prep is an online K–12 school, so you can study on your schedule and leave time each day for the things you’re passionate about. ASU Prep is a college prep school with the expectation all students graduate and earn college credit while in high school. Every student can succeed, and we’ll help you design a path to reach your goals no matter where you start from.

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Surround yourself with support

We believe all students can succeed. And our unique teaching model supports students with the latest learning technologies and several layers of personalized instruction and coaching:

1. Online Teachers:

Online Teachers provide direct instruction and progress monitoring via live group webinars, one-on-one video chats, phone calls, text and emails.

2. Success Coaches:

Success Coaches provide mentoring and support as well as assist students with college and career goal setting.

3. University Professors:

University Professors create course materials, deliver recorded video lessons and provide direct help during online office hours.

College Pathway

ASU Prep Digital students work with their success coach to design a personalized pathway through high school, into college and on to a career. This accelerated track gives students the chance to take university courses and earn credits in their major while still in high school, saving them both time and money when they get to college.


Full-Time Students:

A typical day as a full-time student is really similar to being a part-time student. If you’re taking 4 courses or more you can usually plan on an average of 5 hours of class-time per day. The great thing is that you can do this whenever and wherever you want. You may work a part-time job or play competitive sports and it’s easy to schedule your class work around your shifts and practice schedule.

Your daily routine consists of checking in with your success coach and teachers, as needed, to get a pulse on how your pacing your way through each course and working out the plan that you created at the beginning of the semester. Then balance your time between working through lessons, watching course videos and reading materials that relate to your subjects. You’ll have weekly live lessons with your teachers and you may even schedule a chat with them if you’re in need of additional help in a particular subject.

In a full-time environment, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with your peers on projects, develop products or business ideas, present them as part of your coursework, and even take virtual field trips to different countries (as part of your language course). Assessments are done throughout the semester and typically follow the pattern of a college term: quizzes, tests, mid-term exams, and finals.

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