The Sasa Ilic Soccer Academy is a unique and exciting opportunity for young soccer enthusiasts – both boys and girls – to persist with their dreams of becoming professional football players and not have to compromise their education whilst doing so. We don’t believe anyone should have to ever give up education in order to pursue their dreams. At our academy, boys and girls enjoy not only exceptional football coaching at our extraordinary facilities, they also access academic excellence and all within the rich cultural tapestry of Montenegro.

Our academy is nestled in the heart of Montenegro, a country graced with magnificent mountains, mesmerizing coastlines, and a deep-rooted cultural legacy.

The Sasa Ilic Soccer Academy offers promising soccer talents, both boys and girls, the chance to improve and advance towards a professional career, providing exposure to clubs within and outside of Montenegro. With expert coaching, personalized training, and top-tier facilities, including a FIFA-certified field and modern fitness equipment, our players are equipped to succeed. We go beyond nurturing athletic skills by offering professional pathways and college scholarships, fostering personal growth, confidence, and independence in a culturally rich and supportive environment.

The philosophy for our ambitious young players is: “Dream, Learn, Do.” Our aim is to forge well-rounded individuals, not just skilled soccer players. The academy emphasises resilience, self-confidence, teamwork, advocacy, and problem-solving as foundations for success. Our unique G.A.M.E system integrates these values into daily training, providing a comprehensive toolkit for personal and athletic development. We’re committed to helping young athletes become their very best selves.

The Sasa Ilic Soccer Academy is personally run by UK’s ex – premier league player Saša Ilić.  He is famed for his exceptional tenure at Charlton Athletic FC and is best known for a career-highlight penalty save at Wembley against Sunderland — a decisive play securing Charlton’s Premier League promotion. His personal soccer journey to beoming a professional is the inspiration for this Academy. Sasa epitomises daring to dream to and the dedication and discipline it takes to make it.

We are pleased to offer two distinct pathways
to become a Pro:

1. Pro Pathway

A genuine opportunity for our academy players to be scouted by professional clubs in Montenegro and beyond. It opens a pathway for them to showcase their talents and secure potential placements with esteemed football clubs on both a national and international level, amplifying their career prospects. This initiative underscores our commitment to nurturing and propelling the aspirations of our talented players.

2. US College Scholarship Pathway

Committing to at least one year at our soccer academy significantly elevates the prospects for our players to secure US College Soccer Scholarships. The intensive training regimen, skill refinement, and exposure to competitive play during this period not only enhances their soccer proficiency but also positions them as standout candidates for sought-after educational opportunities in the United States. A dedicated stint at our academy becomes a pivotal factor in shaping well-rounded student-players, empowering them to excel both on the soccer field and academically, thus optimizing their chances of attaining prestigious US College Soccer Scholarships.




Montenegro is recognized as a safeguard—a nation known for its friendliness and welcoming atmosphere, coupled with traditional core family values. The country’s geographic location in the heart of Europe is advantageous, being close to major cities, ensuring accessibility for parents and creating a well-connected environment.

Montenegro’s natural beauty further adds to its appeal. From awe-inspiring canyons to stunning coastlines, crystal-clear rivers, and picturesque lakes, the country provides a diverse and breathtaking backdrop for the holistic development of young athletes. This unique environment encourages a sense of adventure and appreciation for nature.

Additionally, Montenegro is renowned for its commitment to organic food, offering a healthy and nourishing diet for the students. The small population of the country contributes to a close-knit community, fostering a supportive and safe atmosphere. This, combined with the traditional core family values, creates an environment where students not only receive top-notch soccer training but also experience personal growth within a nurturing and culturally rich context.

In essence, Sasa Ilic’s Soccer Academy in Montenegro offers more than just soccer development—it provides an immersive experience in a safeguarded, friendly, and picturesque environment that aligns with parents’ aspirations for their children’s holistic growth and success.