STRUCTURE OF THE Sasa Ilic Soccer Academy program spans over 9+ months and focuses on top tier soccer training skills with maximum possible match play and competition. The program revolves around the Academy’s Soccer Performance Plan, which enhances the development process through a combination of expert coaching and an annual competition schedule. This schedule is designed to ensure a a very individualised growth plan in technical, tactical, and personal skills, all within world-class facilities and a majestic setting.

MONITORING GROWTH & ACHIEVEMENT: Sasa Ilic Soccer Academy’s soccer program and performance plan follows the following guiding principles which are in 6-week focus cycles:

  1. Individual training
  2. Team training
  3. Strength training
  4. Athletic & Personal Development
  5. Strength and Conditioning
  6. Mental Conditioning
  7. Leadership Development
  8. Nutrition Training

Student/Players collaborate with their coaches to establish an individual development plan, outlining long-term goals, short-term measurable objectives, and agreed-upon outcomes for the cycle. At the end of each 6-week period, coaches and players assess progress, adjusting objectives as needed for the upcoming cycle. Quarterly, players receive a detailed report highlighting progress and areas of focus, including results from strength, agility, and endurance tests, along with video reviews.




For a single season stay, the cost is a 34,000 – 38,000 Euros, contingent upon the selected educational course.
For more details on this 0ption, please inquire.
The football-only program, excluding educational components, is available at a rate of 29,500 Euros for the same duration.